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Berkshire Heating & Air Conditioning is here for you! We can help you out with any plumbing problem you have; big or small. We can work on your toilets, tubs and showers, and even your sinks, pipes and sewers. Berkshire Heating & Air Conditioning is here to clear your stubborn clogs, get rid of wasteful leaks, or install a new fixture for you.

Filling a Glass with Water

How much water are you losing each day from your dripping faucet?
Do you know how quickly a small drip can add over a week's time,
a month and even year?
Find out now with our drip calculator.

Drip Calculator


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Corporate Plumbing




Do you have a clogged drain in your sink, tub, or shower? Have you tried everything and still feel frustrated because the clog persists? If so, then contact us. We have the skills and know-how to get your drain working properly again.


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Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal

Is your garbage disposal acting up; getting clogged, burning out its motor, or leaking? If so we can repair or replace it for you.

Are you sick of unclogging the kitchen sink from all the food from dinner? Are you done with bags of rotting food in your garbage? If so then a garbage disposal might be for you.

Contact us and we will help you with all your garbage disposal needs.

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Is your toilet not working properly and need to be repaired? Do you have a persistent clog, a leak, or is your toilet not flusing properly? If so then we are here for your toilet repair needs.

Are you looking to replace your old toilet? Maybe your toilet is not working like it used to, you want a newer look, or you want a more efficient toilet. Whatever your reason is, we are here for your new toilet installation.

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Tubs and Showers


Is your tub or shower not working properly? Maybe it is leaking or the water pressure is not what it should be. If so we are here to fix your tub or shower for you.

Are you looking for a fresh look in your bathroom by getting a new tub or shower installed? Maybe you just want some new fixtures installed on your existing tub or shower. Whatever you need, Berkshire Heating & Air Conditioning is here for your tub or shower needs.

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From the constant use of sinks, they wear down quickly. Is your sink not working properly and need to be repaired? If so contact us. If you are looking to get a new sink installed we can help with that as well. A new sink may be all your room needs to get that fresh new look you were searching for.


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Pipes and Sewers


The pipes in your home are responsible for the water you see coming out of everything in your house from your sink to your tub. Any problems that arise in your pipes should be handled by one of our Berkshire Heating & Air Conditioning professionals. If you do not see anything wrong, still make sure to contact us for regular inspections and maintenance.


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Water Heaters

Hot Water

Did you wake up this morning, and jump into the shower only to find out that it is ice cold? We are here for your repair needs. Also, remember to have your system regularly checked and maintained to avoid this in the future.

Are you looking for a more efficient water heater? Is your water heater constantly needing to be repaired? if so then contact us to install a brand new water heater for you.

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